The 4 projects will use input from ongoing standardisation activities and provide impacts to standardisation activities. The exchange will be achieved by liaison partners, who participate in standardisation activities or will establish liaisons to such groups.

The projects are working on similar issues such as accessibility, human‐machine‐interaction, and user modelling. The currently planned activities related to standardisation are either project‐specific (GUIDE, VICON) or of more general nature (MyUI, VERITAS). None of the projects intends to establish standards as a major project activity.

Clustering will help to find out communalities, help to create mutual benefits and to avoid diverging developments. Clustering meetings and information exchange (via a standardisation wiki) will facilitate:

  • information on ongoing activities in standardisation and working groups;
  • collection of common positions on standardisation issues;
  • a strong concerted feedback to standardisation groups.

Workshops of the cluster standardisation Task Force of the projects will be held at least annually. They will be initiated/organized by VERITAS. One will be organized early after all projects have started. The workshops will be synchronised with other planned common activities such as the VERITAS workshops.

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