Relationships VUMS cluster to other standardisation activities

AALOA ( is a recently founded open organisation that fosters research, collaboration, development impact and uptake in the area of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL). Fraunhofer is one of the main drivers in the AALOA association (also with the AALOA member projects GUIDE and universAAL), and could forward an invitation for collaboration to the Governing Board of AALOA. In a first response AALOA acknowledges the importance of standards in AAL, and also mentions the important role open source publication of reference implementations, as it is currently applied by VUMS with its public user model specification and reference user profiles. AALOA will help creating visibility among its members for the VUMS development, in order to stimulate collabration. VUMS has also offered to have a first online meeting of representatives of both initiatives.

The topic of user modelling has been suggested as a research topic to the Research and Development Working Group (RDWG) of W3C/WAI. There is an announcement on the public wiki of the group: . It is planned to organise an online symposium about this topic.

ISO 24751
The VUMS cluster position and white paper has been presented to the German (DIN) and British (BSI) standardisation bodies related to the revision of ISO 24751. The revision of the standard is currently heavily driven by lead partners of the Cloud4All project who have a different perspective on user modelling than VUMS. The VUMS position will be supported in the ongoing standardisation process by active contributions in the access4all discussions and teleconferences, via the participation in the cloud4all project and finally, by official means via the ISO working group and the Britisch and German standardisation bodies.

The VUMS White paper has been spread to the partners of the access4all group. Via the involvement in the Cloud4All project, VUMS cluster members will represent the VUMS position in ongoing access4all discussions and conference calls related to user model standardization.

ITU-T FG on Audio Visual Media Accessibility
The Working Group F Coordinator, Mr Pradipta Biswas (University of Cambridge, UK) introduced the WG F updated report contained in input document AVA I 0106. As being discussed in this Working Group, participation will be increasingly going towards the virtual media Internet connection because it consists of both audio media and also viewing the media and transmission of media. Input AVA-I-0107 “White paper of the VUMS “Virtual User Modelling and Simulation Standardization” cluster of projects” was also presented. This document is from the on-going work of a multi country research project on virtual user modelling and simulation┬ástandardization: how do we actually standardize simulators so they actually provide us with appropriate answers to design questions. The first step is to actually have simulators that reflect different groups or clusters of disabilities. Secondly is necessary to have some sort of consensus as to the kinds of things that the simulators have to be able to do before we start applying them. This document is a white paper of the VUMS cluster of projects.

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